Africa set to host its first ‘unconference’

We Are Africa and Wilderness Safaris have announced plans for ‘FUSE’ – described as Africa’s first “unconference”. 

Taking place on the first day of We Are Africa 2017, FUSE aims to turn the traditional conference model on its head: channelling groundbreaking events in tech, advertising and media. “We’re calling on the brightest minds in the industry, the We Are Africa tribe, to create the content yourselves,” read the announcement. “You’ll be joined by key influencers from progressive, relevant industries for an immersive programme designed to promote collaboration, maximise creativity and set light to a new vision for the future of high-end African travel and hospitality.”

Spark talks will enable participants to pitch their groundbreaking idea to the tribe – from marketing tips, to on-the-ground initiatives or tech innovations. Each speaker will share 15 slides in three minutes and 45 seconds with the crowd.

Another way to get involved is by taking place in 50-minute discussions. There will be 20 DISCUSS slots available to those who submit their ideas ahead of FUSE. Facilitators will spend five minutes introducing their idea before opening it to the floor.

The INSPIRE stage will host a 40-minute talk by conservationist, politician and paleoanthropologist, Dr Richard Leakey.

FUSE is part of the official We Are Africa 2017 programme. There will also be a limited number of FUSE Day Passes for non-tribe members at a cost of £300. For more information, email