Asilia launches Asilia Adventures

Asilia Adventures are a new collection of three- to seven-day experiences, offering travellers immersive itineraries by East African safari operator, Asilia. From walking expeditions to horse-riding safaris, fly fishing and cultural interaction – these new mini expeditions are about getting out of the safari vehicle and showing guests a different side of East Africa.

“The new adventures are a response to our guests’ needs,” says Asilia’s Director of Sales, Gordie Owles. “Many of our return clients are seeking an even deeper connection with the people and wildlife in this outstanding wilderness. They have experienced a typical safari with morning and evening game drives, staying in permanent safari camps, and now they are ready for an adventure which takes them beyond the boundaries of the national parks. They want to do it their way with the security and comfort we provide. For example, if the best way to really get under the skin of a city is on foot, and it is, then why should that be any different in the African bush?”.

The flagship itinerary ‘Traverse the Mara Conservancies on Foot’ takes guests from Naboisho Conservancy in the east, through the conservancies to the north for six days, crossing the Masai Mara. Guests will cover about 20km a day in the company of Roelof Schotte, Asilia’s head guide in Kenya, walking in big game country with a chance of seeing elephant, buffalo and even leopard and lion. Nights are spent fly camping out in the wild, with dinner cooked over the fire and eaten under the stars. Along the way, guests will learn about Mara Conservancies model, learning about the various conservation and community projects Asilia supports, including the Mara Elephant Project, Maa Trust, Kenya Wildlife Trust and the Greater Mara Management Livestock and Conservation initiatives. US$5 per person per night from Asilia Adventures goes back into these projects.

Other Asilia Adventures on offer include spending time with the Hadzabe hunter-gatherer’s in Tanzania’s Yaeda Valley, driving vintage Series 1 Land Rovers to the east of Tarangire, and a log cabin retreat on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

Asilia Adventures are only available within “Adventure Season” from November until May each year (excluding the festive period). By travelling outside of the peak season months, there is a greater availability of specialist guides and more flexibility to offer these activities.