Giraffe moved to Malawi park

Giraffe moved to Malawi parkA total of 13 giraffe have been translocated to Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi – the first of this species ever to be introduced into Malawi’s National Parks and Wildife Reserves. 

In October, a group of nine giraffe made the 2 500km journey from a private reserve in South Africa to Malawi, while a further four giraffe were moved from a private collection in Malawi, to supplement the introduction. 

“Majete contains ideal habitat for giraffe as well as the needed protection to provide them and all the other wildlife here the security they need,” said Craig Hay, Park Manager for Majete Wildlife Reserve. “We hope to establish a healthy population to increase biodiversity here, and boost tourism to increase Majete’s economic value for local people, while at the same time support regional efforts to conserve this magnificent species.”

While Southern Africa has a robust population of giraffe, very few are present in Malawi, with this translocation bringing national numbers to just over 30 animals. The translocation of South African giraffe to Majete hopes to establish a viable population of the species to supports their conservation across the region.