KNP unveils Phabeni Interpretative Centre

Cutting the ribbon for the unveiling of the Phabeni Interpretive Centre is KNP Managing Executive, Glenn Phillips. With him in the middle are the original inhabitants of the Phabeni area Retired Ranger - Lance Corporal Willie Nkuna, his wife maNkuna, also maMavundla who is wife to the late Samuel Mavundla whose grave can be seen at the unveiled site and the National Executive Committee Chairperson of the SANParks Honorary Rangers, Louis Lemmer.

SANParks Honorary Rangers handed over the Phabeni Interpretative Centre to Kruger Park management at the Albasini Ruins cultural heritage Site.

The centre, situated at Phabeni Gate, includes a new display structure and the re-fenced Albasini Ruins and two grave sites, providing insight into the people who stayed and worked in the Phabeni area in the past.

“Kruger is best known for its rich biodiversity such as animals, plants and vast wilderness, however what many people do not know is that the park also boasts more than 627 cultural heritage and historical sites and only a few of them, including the Albasini Ruins, where we are unveiling the centre today, are open to the public,” said KNP Managing Executive, Glenn Phillips.

“Cultural heritage interpretation has taken the front seat in the 2022 Responsible Tourism Strategy and Phabeni Interpretative Centre is an example of what needs to be done, as interpretation has been identified as one of the areas which need improvement in the organisation,” he added.