Major refurb kicks off at Jao Camp

Wilderness Safaris has announced the rebuild and complete reinvention of Jao Camp, due to open 1 June 2019, as well as the introduction of the camp’s luxurious new Jao Villas.

Set in the heart of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, the new Jao Camp will retain the same high stilted main area built into the tree canopy, with more private areas in amongst the trees. The camp will comprise two villas and five twins with private plunge pools, lounge and dining areas, kitchen facilities, plus en-suite bathrooms, including indoor and outdoor showers.

The new Jao Villas, accommodating four people each in the two identical guest rooms, which share a main area, will feature a private vehicle, guide, chef and butler.

“Having to replace our old substructures provided us with the opportunity to enhance the special features that we always loved about Jao, to make improvements and incorporate extra touches. We are making the most of our camp environment, with buildings set to blend into the tree canopy whilst offering stunning views and honouring our commitment to be as eco-sensitive as possible,” says co-owner of the Jao Reserve, Cathy Kays.

Lead architects, Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, who designed the original Jao in 1999, shared their approach to the rebuild: “We have taken a fresh and contemporary approach to the sense of adventure Jao always had – creating a feeling of not knowing what to expect around the next corner, adding an element of surprise and delight in this ever-evolving sculptural and architectural language”.

The main area will feature both indoor and outdoor lounges, dining area, a satellite kitchen and several private dining areas, along with a fire deck. The spa at Jao will be tucked in amongst the palms for privacy and is surrounded by water to provide a calming and tranquil atmosphere. The gym will be built on the edge of the island, presenting views over the lush waterways, while the main pool, with its unique canopy pavilion providing shade, will project out into the floodplain with 270-degree views of the Delta. A key feature is the museum and gallery, as an important aspect of the camp rebuild is the emphasis on learning and sharing knowledge.

Using Climate Wizard, an Australian cooling system, the suites and villas will be cooled with an indirect evaporative cooler that delivers a large of amount of cold air with no added moisture, for a fraction of the energy used by conventional air-conditioning systems. Self-igniting Calore stoves will provide heating during the colder months.