New look for old Namibia favourite

&Beyond Sossuvlei Desert Lodge in Namibia is set to undergo a complete refurbishment in 2019. Situated in the heart of the Namib Desert, near the dune fields of Sossusvlei, the lodge will close in January 2019 and reopen nine months later with a new look that aims to showcase the spectacular setting.

Exploring the concept of building from the inside out, each space will be engineered to frame the desert landscape through the use of glass panels and pre-manufacturer metal constructs to extend each suite’s indoor and outdoor living areas, while retaining the same footprint. Lap pools will be added, while solar panels and a modern water recycling system will conserve natural resources. More than 100 000 litres of grey water will be harvested for re-use per month, nearly double the amount that will be lost to evaporation in the new pools. At least 65% of the lodge’s power will be generated from sustainable sources.

A gym and spa will be added atop of the existing guest areas, offering views over the desert plains. A two-bedroom private villa will also be constructed to cater for families. Along with the refurbishment, guests can expect some new experiences including walking trails and e-bike tours.