SA artist helps travellers find their perfect safari experience

James Delaney

South African artist and safari enthusiast, James Delaney, has launched a site aimed at channeling his safari knowledge into one website to help travellers.

He says: “Going on a safari is a dream for most travellers, but the choices these days are daunting – 400 luxury camps scattered across 100 wildlife reserves in a dozen African countries. They vary from the ultra-luxurious lodges with private butlers to the remotest, tiniest tented camps.”

The website features an eight-question quiz to guide travellers to their best safari.

Delaney believes each camp has a different feeling. “It’s not just about the level of luxury and the wildlife sightings, it’s also about finding the safari experience to match each person’s style.” He has also written short reviews on every luxury safari camp he’s stayed at in Africa.

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