What Gordhan had to say about tourism in the Budget Speech

Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, has pledged an additional R494 million for tourism promotion, and has announced that in order to boost investment in the short term, government needs to focus support on labour-intensive sectors, including tourism-related services.

In his 2017 Budget Speech, the Minister also stated that he had met with members of the SAA board to discuss its turnaround plans. “I am pleased to report that the challenges are well understood, and the advisory work that is in progress has clarified the way forward”. He said that during the next few months, proposals for putting the capital structure of SAA on a “sound footing” will need to be agreed.

The Minister also quoted Lisa Sheard, Executive Director of Tourism at Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism, and said: “Local initiatives are often the key to progress in tourism and the hospitality industry. Ms Lisa Sheard captured this well in her budget ‘tip’: ‘Tourism encourages pride of place. Pride fo places ensure that the water will run, the streets will be clean, signage will be clear…’ Ms Sheard also wrote that ‘Tourism is women full’. Women excel and dominate… Tourism instils a good an honest work ethic – it will not make you rich and famous quickly, but it can be very rewarding’”.